Reproduction in Organism Biology Quiz for NEET

Details of Reproduction in Organism Biology Quiz for NEET
No. of Questions in Quiz 21 with Explanation
Time for each Questions 60 Seconds
Attempts Allowed Unlimited
Available Always
Pass Percentage 70 %

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#1. Offsets are produced by

Offset is a vegetative part of a plant, formed by mitosis.
– Meiotic divisions do not occur in somatic cells.
Parthenogenesis is the formation of embryo from ovum or egg without fertilisation.
– Parthenocarpy is the fruit formed without fertilisation, (generally seedless)

#2. Which of the following flowers only once in its life-time?

Bamboo species are monocarpic i.e., flower generally only once in its life-time after 50-100 years.

Jackfruit, papaya and mango are polycarpic i.e., produce flowers and fruits many times in their life-time.

#3. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

In potato, banana and ginger, the plantlets arise from the nodes present on modified stem.

#4. Which one of the following generates new genetic combinations leading to variation?

#5. In bryophytes and pteridophytes, transport of male gametes requires:

In several simple plants like algae, bryophytes and pteridophytes, water is the medium through which male gamete transfer takes place.

#6. In ginger vegetative propagation occurs through

#7. Which one of the following is wrong about Chara?

NCERT Class 12th Page No.12 Figure 1.6 (C) [AIPMT-2014]

#8. Isogamous condition with non-flagellated gametes is found in

#9. Which one of the following is correctly matched?

NCERT Class 12th Page No.6 & 7 ( Figure 1.3 and 1.4 ) Very Important Please Revise

#10. Monoecious plant of Chara shows occurrence of

Above we already discussed this topic.

#11. In the process of asexual reproduction

#12. In vegetative propagule of potato and Bryophyllum new plants arise from respectively

Axillary bud → Potato

Adventitious bud A → Bryophyllum

#13. Which of the following plants produce non-motile male gametes?

Mangifera → Angiosperm

Pinus → Gymnosperm

#14. Arrange the following w.r.t. increasing life span : Rose, Fruit fly, Rice

#15. Most common asexual structure produced in algae is

Zoosperes possess flagella.

#16. In which of the following plants root bud is involved in vegetative propagation?

Sugarcane→ Segment of stem with atleast one node

Banana → Rhizome

Ginger → Rhizome

Dhalia → Root buds

#17. Which of the following vegetative propagule represents large size fleshy bud?

#18. Majority of sexually reproducing organisms form

#19. Arrange the following plants w.r.t. increasing number of chromosome Rice, Maize, Apple

#20. Strobilanthus kunthiana

#21. Self fertilisation is seen in

Bud pollination in pea.




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