The Living World Biology Quiz for NEET

Biology Quiz for NEET
No. of Questions in Quiz 20 with Explanation
Time for each Questions 60 Seconds
Attempts Allowed Unlimited
Available Always
Pass Percentage 70 %

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#1. The label of a herbarium sheet does not carry information on

The herbarium sheets carry a label providing information about date and place of collection, english, local and botanical names, family, collector’s name.

#2. Nomenclature is governed by certain universal rules. Which one of the following is contrary to the rules of nomenclature?

Points to Remember : Biological names originate from latin language and printed in italics.

NCERT Page No.7 6th Line from Top mentioned ( They are latinised or derived from Latin irrespective of their origin. )

#3. Which one of the following is not a correct statement?

A museum has collection of speciman of plants and animals.

#4. ICBN stands for

#5. ‘Taxon’ is the unit of

#6. Which category comes after phylum in descending order in taxonomic hierarchy?

#7. Potato and brinjal belong to the genus Solanum, which reflects that

#8. Order primata and carnivora are placed in the same class, i.e.

#9. Fishes, amphibians, reptiles and birds are kept in the same

Animals | Class | Phylum

Fishes Pisces Chordata
Amphibians Amphibians Chordata
Reptiles Reptilia Chordata
Birds Aves Chordata

#10. Various taxonomic categories are

#11. Which of the following is not a result of cell division?

Growth, repair and reproduction are the result of cell division.

#12. Mark the incorrect pair.

Amoeba divides by binary fission

Bacteria mainly divide by binary fission. We already discussed this topic in Biological Classification Chapter

#13. Non-living objects exhibit/show

#14. Local names of various plants and animals

Local names of various plants and animals are non-universal.

#15. Taxonomy deals with

#16. Which one of the following criteria is/are essential and form the basis of classical taxonomic studies?

#17. Find the correct sequence of taxonomic categories.

#18. Cat and dog are placed in which families respectively

#19. Taxonomic categories which come lower to the rank of class are

NCERT Class 11th Page No.10 Table 1.1

#20. Key is

Key, a taxonomical aid, used for classification.

NCERT Class 11th Page No.13 (1.4.5 Key)




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