Chemical Coordination and Integration Biology Quiz for NEET

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#1. Artificial light, extended work-time and reduced sleep-time disrupt the activity of

Melatonin hormone of pineal gland plays a very important role in the regulation of a 24-hours (diurnal) rhythm of our body. Melatonin helps in maintaining the normal rhythms of sleep-wake cycle and body temperature.

#2. Which of the following conditions will stimulate parathyroid gland to release parathyroid hormone?

#3. How does steroid hormone influence the cellular activities?

Steroid hormones directly enter into the cell and bind with intracellular receptors in nucleus to form hormone receptor complex. Hormone receptor complex interacts with the genome

#4. Which of the following is an amino acid derived hormone?

Epinephrine is derived from tyrosine amino acid by the removal of carboxyl group. It is a catecholamine.

#5. Which of the following hormones can play a significant role in osteoporosis?

Estrogen promotes the activity of osteoblast and inhibits osteoclast. In an ageing female osteoporosis occurs due to deficiency of estrogen.

Parathormone promotes mobilisation of calcium from bone into blood. Excessive activity of parathormone causes demineralisation leading to osteoporosis.

#6. Hypersecretion of Growth Hormone in adults does not cause further increase in height, because

#7. Which hormones do stimulate the production of pancreatic juice and bicarbonate?

#8. Graves' disease is caused due to

#9. Name a peptide hormone which acts mainly on hepatocytes, adipocytes and enhances cellular glucose uptake and utilization.

enhances cellular glucose uptake and utilisation so it decreases the blood glucose level

#10. The posterior pituitary gland is not a 'true' endocrine gland because

#11. Which of the following pairs of hormones are not antagonistic (having opposite effects) to each other?

Relaxin relaxes the pubic symphysis during parturition while inhibin decreases the secretion of FSH from anterior pituitary.

#12. Which one of the following hormones is not involved in sugar metabolism?

#13. A chemical signal that has both endocrine and neural roles is

#14. Which of the following can be included under heterocrine glands?

  • Heterocrine glands have both exocrine and endocrine functions.
  • Exocrine glands release their secretion through ducts while endocrine glands release their secretion into the blood directly without ducts.
  • Heterocrine gland release their secretion through duct system as well as directly into the blood.
  • Thyroid, parathyroid, pineal and thymus glands are endocrine in function.

#15. The anterior pituitary hormone that does not stimulate another endocrine gland is

The anterior pituitary hormone that stimulates the release of growth hormone is known as GHRH(growth hormone releasing hormone)

#16. Luteinising hormone (LH) in female

Let’s know some more

  • The mature graffian follicles that release the ovum, convert to corpus luteum under the influence of FSH. The corpus luteum secretes progestrone.

#17. Largest endocrine gland is

#18. Name the non-iodinised hormone secreted by parafollicular cells of thyroid

Hormones that are secreted by parathyroid glands are PTH (parathyroid hormone) and calcitonin.

Oxytocin : Secereted by hypothalamus

Vasopressin : Secereted by hypothalamus

Gonadotrophin : Secereted by hypothalamus.

#19. Hyposecretion of which hormone is responsible for cretinism?

Hormone responsible for cretinism is thyroxine. Deficiency of thyroxine from childhood results is stunted growth and mental retardation, known as cretinism.

#20. Deficiency of hormones from adrenal cortex from leads to

#21. The hormones produced during emotional stress is

Adrenaline is secreted through adrenal medulla during stress conditions.

#22. _______ are responsible for chemical coordination.

#23. Neural coordination is

Neural coordination via neurous is fast and short lived while chemical coordination via hormones is slow and lasts longer.

#24. GnRH stimulates _______ to release _______.

GnRH hormone secreted by hy hypothalamus gland stimulates the release of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)and LH (Leuteinising Hormone) by the pituitary gland.

#25. The hormone not released by pars distalis, in man is

MSH is secreted by pars intermedia in man.

#26. Melanocyte stimulating hormone in man is released by

If you done wrong this Question then you are not focusing while reading Questions just Above we added question from this Topic.

MSH in man is secreted by pars intermedia.

#27. Graafian follicle gets converted into _______ after ovulation under the effect of _______.

Above we already added question from this topic

#28. CCK is secreted by

CCK is secreted by duodenal mucosa.

Cholecystokinin stimulates flow of pancreatic enzymes and contraction of gall bladder.

#29. Which of the following forms a hormone receptor complex on the cell membrane?

Water soluble hormones do not cross the cell membrane. They bind to the extracellular receptors which generates second messengers such as Ca2 , CAMP, IP3 etc.

This further activates the existing enzyme system of the cell and accelerates the biochemical reaction in the cell.




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  1. In man, msh is secreted by pars distalus because in man Pars intermedia is merged with pars distalis. So ans will be pars distalis.(ques. No.26)

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