Neural Control and Coordination Biology Quiz for NEET

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Details of Neural Control and Coordination Biology Quiz for NEET
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#1. Which part of the brain is responsible for thermoregulation?

Hypothalamus is the thermoregulatory centre of our brain. It is responsible for maintaining constant body temperature.

#2. Which of the following statements is correct?

Cornea consists of dense matrix of collagen and corneal epithelium. It is the most sensitive part of eye.

#3. Which of the following structures or regions is incorrectly paired with its functions?

Class 11th NCERT Page No.321 18th line from top

#4. The transparent lens in the human eye is held in its place by

#5. Myelin sheath is produced by

Oligodendrocytes are neuroglial cells which produce myelin sheath in central nervous system while Schwann cell produces myelin sheath in peripheral nervous system.

#6. Receptor sites for neurotransmitters are present on

Pre-synaptic membrane is involved in the release of neurotransmitter in the chemical synapse. The receptors sites for neurotransmitters are present on post-synaptic membrane.

#7. Choose the correct statements.

Photoreceptors (Rod cells) in human eye are depolarised during darkness and become hyperpolarised in response to the light stimulus.

#8. Photosensitive compound in human eye is made up of

Rhodopsin is made up of Retinal and opsin.


#9. In mammalian eye, the 'fovea' is the center of the visual field, where

#10. A gymnast is able to balance his body upside down even in the total darkness because of

Vestibular apparatus is concerned with the maintenance of body balance. Both static as well as the dynamic balance are maintained by vestibular apparatus

#11. The human hind brain comprises three parts, one of which is

#12. Which part of the human ear plays no role in hearing as such but is otherwise very much required?

We already discussed this topic in Above Question

#13. The purplish red pigment rhodopsin contained in the rods type of photoreceptor cells of the human eye, is a derivative of

#14. The nerve centres which control the body temperature and the urge for eating are contained in

#15. The somatic neural system relays impulses

Somatic neural system : CNS to voluntary muscles (skeletal)

Autonomic neural system : CNS to involuntary muscles

#16. The autonomic neural system is a division of

#17. Multipolar neurons are found in

#18. The ionic gradients across the resting membrane are maintained by the

The ionic gradients across the resting membrane is due to opening of K leaky channels but is maintained because of Na K pump which continuously pump 3Na ions outwards in exchange of 2K inwards at the expense of energy.

#19. Action potential is also termed as

#20. A synapse is formed by

#21. The receptors of neurotransmitters are present on/in the

The neurotransmitters that are released by pre–synaptic membrane and attaches to the receptors that are present on the post-synaptic membrane

#22. The part of human brain located between thalamus/ hypothalamus and pons is

Midbrain is located between thalamus of forebrain and pons of hindbrain

#23. The retinal blood vessels enter the eye at

The retinal blood vessels enter the eye and the optic nerve leave the eye at blind spot Photoreceptor cells are absent at the blind spot, hence this spot is known as blind spot.

#24. Chemicals which are released at the synaptic junction are called

#25. Resting membrane potential is maintained by

#26. Human eyeball consists of three layers and it encloses

#27. Axon endings release from its synaptic vesicles, a neuro-transmitter substance known as

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter that is released from the synaptic vesicles.




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