Respiration in Plants Biology Quiz for NEET

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Details of Respiration in Plants Biology Quiz for NEET
No. of Questions in Quiz 30 with Explanation
Time for each Questions 60 Seconds
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#1. Breakdown of complex molecules to yield energy takes place in

Glycolysis in cytoplasm

Kreb cycle in mitochondria

#2. Respiration involves breaking of_______ bonds of complex compounds through oxidation within the cells, leading to release of considerable amount of energy.

C — C bonds of glucose break during respiration.

#3. Read the following statements and choose the correct option:

Energy release during respiration due to breaking of chemical bonds.

#4. Respiration is seen in

Respiration is continuous process occurs in all the living cells.

#5. The compounds that are subjected to biological oxidation are called _______ in which ______ is the most common.

Carbohydrate is most prefreable respiratory substrate.

#6. Which of the following substances can undergo oxidation and release energy?

Organic food and organic acid undergoes a catabolic process to release energy.

#7. Which of these statements is incorrect?

Oxidative phosphorylation takes place in inner mitochondrial membrane.

#8. What is the role of NAD+ in cellular respiration?

In cellular respiration, NAD act as an electron carrier.

#9. Which of the following biomolecules is common to respiration-mediated breakdown of fats, carbohydrates and proteins?

Acetyl CoA is common to fat, carbohydrate and protein catabolism.

#10. Oxidative phosphorylation is

Oxidative phosphorylation uses energy of oxidation-reduction of substrate to generate ATP.

#11. Cytochromes are found in

Cytochromes involved in ETS, present on the cristae of mitochondria.

#12. In which one of the following processes CO2 is not released?

CO2 not evolved during Lactic acid fermentation.

#13. Which of the metabolites is common to respiration mediated breakdown of fats, carbohydrates and proteins?

#14. The energy releasing metabolic process in which substrate is oxidised without an external electron acceptor is called

During fermentation, substrate oxidised without an external electron acceptor.

#15. Aerobic respiratory pathway is appropriately termed:

#16. A competitive inhibitor of succinic dehydrogenase is

#17. The overall goal of glycolysis, Krebs cycle and the electron transport system is the formation of:

#18. During which stage in the complete oxidation of glucose are the greatest number of ATP molecules formed from ADP?

#19. Glycolysis

#20. The first phase in the breakdown of glucose, in animal cell, is

Glycolysis is first phase in both plants and animals.

#21. At the end of glycolysis, six carbon compound ultimately changes into

One molecule of glucose → Two molecule of Pyruvic acid.

#22. In glycolysis, during oxidation electrons are removed by

#23. Which of the following products are obtained by anaerobic respiration from yeast?

#24. Which of the following is the key intermediate compound linking glycolysis to the Krebs cycle?

#25. The ultimate respiratory substrate, yielding maximum number of ATP molecules, is

#26. Those organism which cannot use oxygen for growth and are even harmed by its presence, are known as

#27. Facultative anaerobes

#28. Maximum energy can be obtained from oxidation of which respiratory substrate

#29. Common step of both aerobic and anaerobic respiration are

#30. In EMP pathway, hexose sugar splits into two molecules of triose sugar by the catalytic activity of




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