Organism and Populations Biology Quiz for NEET

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Details of Organism and Populations Biology Quiz for NEET
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#1. Which one of the following population interactions is widely used in medical science for the production of antibiotics?

Amensalism (0, –)
Antibiotics are chemicals secreted by one microbial group (eg : Penicillium) which harm other microbes
(eg : Staphylococcus)

It has no effect on Penicillium or the organism which produces it.

#2. Which one of the following plants shows a very close relationship with a species of moth, where none of the two can complete its life cycle without the other?

#3. Niche is

#4. Natality refers to

Death rate – Mortality

Number of individual entering a habitat is – Immigration

Number of individual leaving the habital – Emigration

#5. Mycorrhizae are the example of

Mycorrhizae is a symbiotic association of fungi with roots of higher plants.

#6. Asymptote in a logistic growth curve is obtained when

population growing in a habitat with limited resources shows logistic growth curve.

#7. Plants which produce characterstic pneumatophores and show vivipary belong to

Halophytes growing in saline soils show vivipary, which is in-situ seed germination and pneumatophores for gaseous exchange.

#8. Which of the following is correct for r-selected species?

#9. If '+' sign is assigned to beneficial interaction, '–' sign to detrimental and '0' sign to neutral interaction, then the population interaction represented by '+' '–' refers to

#10. An association of individuals of different species living in the same habitat and having functional interactions is

#11. Roots play insignificant role in absorption of water in

Pistia – roots are poorly developed as it is free floating hydrophyte.

#12. In which of the following interactions both partners are adversely affected?

#13. Most animals are tree dwellers in a

#14. Just as a person moving from Delhi to Shimla to escape the heat for the duration of hot summer, thousands of migratory birds from Siberia and other extremely cold northern regions move to

#15. Cuscuta is an example of

#16. People who have migrated from the planes to an area adjoining Rohtang pass about six months back

#17. Large Woody Vines are more commonly found in:

#18. Which one of the following is one of the characteristics of a biological community?

Stratification is vertical distribution of community.

#19. Geometric representation of age structure is a characteristic of

#20. A good soil is that which

#21. Rise in the temperature and air humidity can be observed from

#22. A process which maintains constancy of internal body environment of organisms despite varying external environmental conditions is called as

#23. Keolado national park is situated at ______ and is famous for ______.

#24. Altitude sickness which includes nausea, fatigue and heart palpitations occurs due to

#25. Altitude sickness is managed by the body by

Altitude sickness is managed by the body by decreasing binding capacity of hemoglobin.

#26. Warm blooded animals like mammals from colder climates generally have shorter ear and limbs. This is an explanation of

#27. Which is not true for J-shaped growth curve?

#28. Competition for food, light and space is most severe between two

#29. Which of the following type of age pyramid reflects a stable population growth?




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