Photosynthesis in Higher Plants Biology Quiz for NEET

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Details of Photosynthesis in Higher Plants Biology Quiz for NEET
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#1. In Hatch and Slack pathway, the primary CO2 acceptor is

PEP (Phosphoenol pyruvate) is the primary CO2 acceptor in C4 or Hatch and Slack pathway.

#2. One scientist cultured Cladophora in a suspension of Azotobacter and illuminated the culture by splitting light through a prism. He observed that bacteria accumulated mainly in the region of :

#3. In order to increase the yield of sugarcane crop, which of the following plant growth regulators should be sprayed?

Gibberellins shows bolting when gibberellin is sprayed on sugarcane crop, the length of the stem increases.

#4. Which of the following is not a product of light reaction of photosynthesis?

ATP, NADPH and oxygen are products of light reaction, while NADH is a product of respiration process.

#5. Phosphonol pyruvate (PEP) is the primary CO2 acceptor in

PEP is 3C compound which serves as primary CO2 acceptor in the mesophyll cells of C4 plants like maize, sugarcane, Sorghum etc.

#6. With reference to factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis, which of the following statements is not correct?

In C3 plants photosynthesis is decreased at higher temperature due to increased photorespiration.

C4 plants have higher temperature optimum because of the presence of pyruvate phosphate dikinase enzyme, which is sensitive to low temperature.

#7. The process which makes major difference between C3 and C4 plants is

Photorespiration is present in C3 plants but absent in C4 plants.

#8. A plant in your garden avoids photorespiratory losses, has improved water use efficiency, shows high rates of photosynthesis at high temperatures and has improved efficiency of nitrogen utilisation. In which of the following physiological groups would you assign this plant?

C4 plants are special, they tolerate higher temperatures, they lack photorespiration and have greater productivity.

#9. Emerson's enhancement effect and Red drop have been instrumental in the discovery of

#10. In a chloroplast the highest number of protons are found in

Proton concentration is higher in the lumen of thylakoid due to photolysis of water, H pumping and NADP reductase activity in stroma.

#11. The oxygen evolved during photosynthesis comes from water molecules. Which one of the following pairs of elements is involved in this reaction?

#12. The correct sequence of cell organelles during photorespiration is

Photorespiration get completed in three cell organells i.e., chloroplast, peroxysome and mitochondria.

#13. In Kranz anatomy, the bundle sheath cells have

#14. CAM helps the plants in

CAM plants are extreme xerophytes.

#15. PGA as the first CO2 fixation product was discovered in photosynthesis of

#16. Kranz anatomy is one of the characteristics of the leaves of

C4 plants have bundle sheath cells and Kranz anatomy.

#17. Oxygenic photosynthesis occurs in:

Oscillatoria (BGA)  – Example of oxygenic photosynthesis, others are anoxygenic.

#18. Cyclic photophosphorylation results in the formation of

#19. Stroma in the chloroplasts of higher plant contains:

#20. The C4 plants are photosynthetically more efficient than C3 plants because

CH4 plants have large number of chloroplast and lack photorespiration.

#21. The first acceptor of electrons from an excited chlorophyll molecule of photosystem II is:

#22. In photosystem-I, the first electron acceptor is

#23. During photorespiration, the oxygen consuming reaction(s) occur in

#24. Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) has the following range of wavelengths :

#25. Which fractions of the visible spectrum of solar radiations are primarily absorbed by carotenoids of the higherplants?

Carotenoids absorbed middle part of visible spectrum mainly violet and blue light.

#26. During light reaction of photosynthesis, which of the following phenomenon is observed during cyclic phosphorylation as well as non-cyclic phosphorylation?

ATP is synthesized in both cyclic and non-cyclic photophosphorylation.

#27. NADPH2 is generated through

#28. The first step for initiation of photosynthesis will be

During light reaction first of all excitation of chlorophyll molecules occurs due to absorption of light.




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