NEET Mock Test on Human Physiology

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Human Physiology Mock Test NEET

Questions in this NEET Mock Test are taken from following Chapters

  • Digestion and Absorption
  • Breathing and Exchange of Gases
  • Body Fluids and Circulation
  • Excretory Products and their Elimination
  • Locomotion and Movement
  • Neural Control and Coordination
  • Chemical Coordination and Integration

Note : All these Questions of Human Physiology NEET Mock Test are directly taken from our favorite NCERT Textbook and Previous year Questions Papers.

No. of Questions in Mock Test 50 with Explanation
Time for each Questions 60 Seconds
Attempts Allowed Unlimited
Available Always
Pass Percentage 70 %

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Chapterwise Biology Quizzes

Human Physiology Mock Test NEET

#1. Graves' disease is caused due to

#2. Select what is not true about intestinal villi among the following:

NCERT Class 11 Page No.260

#3. Hepato–pancreatic duct opens into the duodenum and carries

NCERT Class 11 Page No.262 (2nd Paragraph 9th line from below respectively)

#4. Which of the following is not a common disorder associated with digestive system?

Tetanus also called lockjaw disease is a serious bacterial infection that causes painful muscle spasms and can even lead to death

#5. A gland not associated with the alimentary canal is

#6. Dental formula in human beings is

#7. Liver is the largest gland and is associated with various functions. Choose one of the options below which is not correct.

Gastrin is a peptide hormone that stimulates secretion of gastric acid by the parietal cells of the stomach.

#8. Mark the right statement among the following.

NCERT Class 11 Page No.262 ( 2nd Paragraph 8th line from below)

#9. It is known that exposure to carbon monoxide is harmful to animals because

Carbon monoxide binds with haemoglobin to form carboxyhaemoglobin because of which oxygen is not released to the tissues.

#10. Mark the true statement among the following with reference to normal breathing

#11. A person breathes in some volume of air by forced inspiration after having a forced expiration. This quantity of air taken in is

NCERT Class 11 Page No.272 ( just Above 17.3 )

Vital capacity is the maximum volume of air a person can breathe in after a forced expiration or the maximum voulme of air a person can breathe in after a forced inspiration.

#12. Incidence of Emphysema, a respiratory disorder is high in cigarette smokers. In such cases

NCERT Class 11 Page No.275 ( last Paragraph of page)

#13. CO2 dissociates from carbaminohemoglobin when

#14. Lung alveoli of mammals have a thin wall composed of

NCERT Class 11 Page No.273 ( 1st Paragraph 7th line)

#15. In alveolar air, the partial pressure of CO2 is

NCERT Class 11 Page No.272 Table 17.1

#16. Which of the following cells does not exhibit phagocytotic activity?

NCERT Class 11 Page No.279 (3rd Paragraph 4th line from below)

#17. One of the common symptoms observed in people infected with Dengue fever is

#18. Mark the pair of substances among the following, which is essential for coagulation of blood.

NCERT Class 11 Page No.281 last line

#19. ECG depicts the depolarization and repolarization processes during the cardiac cycle. In the ECG of a normal healthy individual one of the following waves is not represented.

NCERT Class 11 Page No.286 2nd Paragraph

#20. Which one of the following type of cells lacks nucleus?

#21. Which one of the following blood cells is involved in antibody production?

NCERT Class 11 Page No.280 (1st Paragraph 1st line)

#22. The second heart sound (dub) is associated with the closure of

NCERT Class 11 Page No.285 (3rd Paragraph last line)

#23. Filtration of the blood takes place at

#24. Excess of which hormone is responsible for gigantism?

NCERT Class 11 Page No.333 (2nd Paragraph 1st line)

#25. The pH of human urine is approximately

NCERT Class 11 Page No.298 (1st Paragraph 6th line)

#26. Which one of the following statements is incorrect?

NCERT Class 11 Page No.290 2nd Paragraph

#27. Which of the following pairs is wrong?

We Already discussed this topic in Above Question

#28. The condition of accumulation of urea in the blood is termed as

NCERT Class 11 Page No.298 ( 19.8 2nd Line )

Malfunctioning of kidneys can lead to accumulation of urea in blood, a condition called uremia

#29. Which one of the following is also known as antidiuretic hormone?

NCERT Class 11 Page No.297 (3rd Paragraph 4th line)

#30. Ribs are attached to

NCERT Class 11 Page No.210 3rd Paragraph 2nd line

#31. What is the type of movable joint present between the atlas and axis?

NCERT Class 11 Page No.312 4th paragraph 3rd line from below

#32. ATPase of the muscle is located in

NCERT Class 11 Page No.313 (summary 3rd Paragraph 7th line from top)

#33. Intervertebral disc is found in the vertebral column of

NCERT Class 11 Page No.310 Figure 20.7

#34. Which one of following options is incorrect?

NCERT Class 11 Page No.312 (4th Paragraph 4th line)

#35. Knee joint and elbow joints are examples of

Just Above We already discussed this topic

#36. Muscles with characteristic striations and involuntary nature are

NCERT Class 11 Page No.313 ( Summary 2nd Paragraph 2nd line from below)

#37. Chemicals which are released at the synaptic junction are called

NCERT Class 11 Page No.319

#38. Mark the vitamin present in Rhodopsin

NCERT Class 11 Page No.324 ( 2nd Paragraph 8th line from top)

#39. The organ of Corti is a structure present in

NCERT Class 11 Page No.326 Figure 21.8

#40. Wax gland present in the ear canal is called

#41. The part of internal ear responsible for hearing is

#42. An area in the brain which is associated with strong emotions is

NCERT Class 11 Page No.328 2nd Line (Summary)

#43. Resting membrane potential is maintained by

NCERT Class 11 Page No.317

#44. Listed below are the hormones of anterior pituitary origin. Tick the wrong entry

NCERT Class 11 Page No.333 (1st Paragraph 3rd line from below)

#45. The steroid responsible for the balance of water and electrolytes in our body is

NCERT Class 11 Page No.337 (2nd Paragraph 6th line from top)

#46. Thymosin is responsible for

NCERT Class 11 Page No.335 ( 22.2.6 4th line from top)

#47. Leydig cells produce a group of hormones called

NCERT Class 11 Page No.338 ( 22.2.9 4th line from top)

#48. Corpus luteum secretes a hormone called

#49. Cortisol is secreted from

#50. A hormone responsible for normal sleep-wake cycle is

NCERT Class 11 Page No.334 (22.2.3) 2nd line




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    Q.24 Renin is a part of RAAS Mech. And causes vasoconstriction and not dilation.

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