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Ecology NEET Mock Test

Questions in this NEET Mock Test are taken from following Chapters

  • Organisms and Populations
  • Ecosystem
  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Environmental Issues

Note : All these Questions of Ecology NEET Mock Test are directly taken from our favorite NCERT Textbook and Previous year Questions Papers.

No. of Questions in Mock Test 50 with Explanation
Time for each Questions 60 Seconds
Attempts Allowed Unlimited
Available Always
Pass Percentage 70 %

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Chapterwise Biology Quizzes

Ecology Mock Test NEET

#1. Natality refers to

Death rate – Mortality

Number of individual entering a habitat is – Immigration

Number of individual leaving the habital – Emigration

#2. If '+' sign is assigned to beneficial interaction, '–' sign to detrimental and '0' sign to neutral interaction, then the population interaction represented by '+' '–' refers to

#3. Both, hydrarch and xerarch successions lead to

Both, hydrarch and xerarch succession lead to mesic i.e., medium water conditions.

#4. World Ozone Day is celebrated on

#5. Joint Forest Management Concept was introduced in India during

Joint Forest Management Concept was introduced in India during 1980s by the Government of India to work closely with the local communities for protecting and managing forests.

#6. Eutrophication of water bodies leading to killing of fishes is mainly due to non-availability of

BOD level increases due to rapid growth of microbes.

#7. Autecology is the

Autecology – the study of the interactions of an individual organism or a single species to its environment.

#8. Ecotone is

An ecotone is a transitional area between two different ecosystems, such as a forest and a grassland.

#9. Biosphere is

#10. According to Allen’s Rule, the mammals from colder climates have

NCERT Class 12 Page No.226 1st Para 2nd Line

#11. Salt concentration (Salinity) of the sea measured in parts per thousand is

NCERT Class 12 Page No.222 ( Water: 6th line from below)

#12. Formation of tropical forests needs mean annual temperature and mean annual precipitation as

NCERT Class 12 Page No.220 ( Figure 13.1 )

#13. Which of the following forest plants controls(overshadowed) the light conditions at the ground?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.22 (Light: 6th line from top)

#14. What will happen to a well growing herbaceous plant in the forest if it is transplanted outside the forest in a park?

It may not survive because of change in its micro climate like the soil type, micro-organisms present in the zone surrounding its roots, the tree canopies that create certain micro environmental conditions along with other plants growing in the vicinity.

#15. Which one of the following organisms breed only once in their lifetime

NCERT Class 12 Page No.232 1st Paragraph 2nd Line

#16. Lichens are the associations of

NCERT Class 12 Page No.237 ( (v) Mutualism: 2nd line)

#17. Amensalism is an association between two species where

NCERT Class 12 Page No.233 4th line from top

#18. Which of the following would necessarily decrease the density of a population in a given habitat?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.228 ( 13.2.2 )

#19. The process of mineralization by microorganisms helps in the release of

NCERT Class 12 Page No.244 1st Paragraph

#20. An inverted pyramid of biomass can be found in which ecosystem?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.249 4th Paragraph

#21. Which of the following ecosystems is more productive in terms of net primary production?

#22. Pyramid of numbers is

NCERT Class 12 Page No.248 Figure

#23. Approximately how much of the solar energy that falls on the leaves of a plant is converted to chemical energy by photosynthesis?

About 1−5% of total incident solar energy or 2−10% of PAR is captured by the photosynthetic organisms for photosynthesis.

The raw products of photosynthesis are water, carbon dioxide, sunlight, chlorophyll , light, some amount of nitrogen, phosphours , sulfur or other trace elements.

#24. Among the following, where do you think the process of decomposition would be the fastest?

Tropical rainforests have the optimum conditions of moisture and temperature. Consequently, the rate of decomposition in tropical vain forests is also high.

#25. Climax community is in a state of

NCERT Class 12 Page No.250 (14.6 2nd Paragraph 5th line)

#26. During the process of ecological succession the changes that take place in communities are

NCERT Class 12 Page No.250 ( 14.6 2nd Paragraph 2nd Line)

#27. Which of the following is an ecosystem service provided by a natural ecosystem?

#28. Which of the following have only unidirectional fl ow?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.256 ( SUMMARY 3rd Paragraph 1st line)

#29. NPP is equal to

NCERT Class 12 Page No.243 (Below 1st Paragraph it’s mentioned)

#30. What is the percentage of primary productivity of oceans?

Total 170 billion tons ( oceans are only 55 billion tons.) NCERT Class 12 Page No.243 3rd Paragraph

Solve % You got the Answer

#31. What is common to the techniques (i) in vitro fertilization
(ii) Cryo preservation
(iii) tissue culture

NCERT Class 12 Page No.267 ( Ex situ Conservation– 10th line from top 1st Paragraph)

#32. The historic convention on Biological Diversity held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 is known as

NCERT Class 12 Page No.267 ( last paragraph 3rd line from top)

#33. Which of the following group exhibit more species diversity?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.260 1st Paragraph

#34. The active chemical drug reserpine is obtained from

NCERT Class 12 Page No.259 ( Genetic diversity: 3rd line)

#35. Which of the following forests is known as the ‘lungs of the planet Earth’?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.264 ( Habitat loss and fragmentation: 8th line from Top)

#36. Among the ecosystem mentioned below, where can one find maximum biodiversity?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.258 (Ecological diversity)

Mangroves provide maximum terrestrial biodiversity, while coral reefs provide maximum global biodiversity.

#37. Which of the following statements is correct?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.263 (last paragraph 3rd line from below )

#38. The extinction of passenger pigeon was due to

NCERT Class 12 Page No.265 (1st Paragraph 2nd line)

#39. What is common to Lantana, Eichhornia and African catfish?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.265 2nd Paragraph 4th line from below

#40. The Earth Summit (Historic Convention on Biological Diversity) was held in

We already added same Question Above but we changed the way 😀

#41. Which of these are hotspots of India?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.266 last paragraph

#42. The current rate of species extinction is how many times faster than the pre-human time?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.264 (2nd Paragraph 4th line from below)

#43. Non-biodegradable pollutants are created by

NCERT Class 12 Page No.278 3rd Paragraph

#44. According to the Central Pollution Control Board, particles that are responsible for causing great harm to human health are of diameter

NCERT Class 12 Page No.271 (5th line from below)

#45. The world’s most problematic aquatic weed is

NCERT Class 12 Page No.275 (last line just above Figure 16.4)

#46. Which of the following causes biomagnification?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.276 (4th Paragraph 4th line from top)

#47. The green scum seen in the fresh water bodies is

NCERT Class 12 Page No.277 1st Paragraph 8th line

Please Check Once We found Correct Answer Blue Green Algae Also


#48. The loudness of a sound that a person can withstand without discomfort is about

#49. Scrubber is used to remove which of the following gas?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.271 3rd Paragraph 9th line

#50. Water hyacinth is introduced in India for

NCERT Class 12 Page No.275 (4th Paragraph 1st line)




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