NEET Mock Test on Biology In Human Welfare

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Biology In Human Welfare NEET Mock Test

Questions in this NEET Mock Test are taken from following Chapters

  • Human Health and Disease
  • Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
  • Microbes in Human Welfare

Note : All these Questions of Biology in Human Welfare NEET Mock Test are directly taken from our favorite NCERT Textbook and Previous year Questions Papers.

No. of Questions in Mock Test 50 with Explanation
Time for each Questions 60 Seconds
Attempts Allowed Unlimited
Available Always
Pass Percentage 70 %

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Chapterwise Biology Quizzes

Biology in Human Welfare Mock Test NEET

#1. The term aquaculture means

Aquaculture involves production of all useful aquatic plants and animals. It involves both inland and marine fisheries.

#2. Mating of more closely related individuals within the same breed for 4-6 generation is

Interspecific breeding– Mating of different species.

Cross-breeding– Mating of different breeds of same species.

#3. Inbreeding depression occurs due to

Continued inbreeding reduces fertility and even productivity.

#4. Out-crossing, cross-breeding and interspecific hybridization are included in

#5. Which of the following is a commercial blood cholesterol lowering agent?

  • Statin is obtained from a yeast (Fungi) called Monascus purpureus
  • It acts by competitively inhibiting the enzyme responsible for synthesis of cholesterol.

#6. Select the correct group of biocontrol agents.

Fungs Trichoderma, Baculoviruses (NPV) and Bacillus thuringiensis are used as biocontrol agents.

Rhizobium, Nostoc, Azospirillum and Oscillatoria are used as biofertilisers, whereas TMV is a pathogen and aphids are pests that harm crop plants.

#7. Which of the following can be used as a biocontrol agent in the treatment of plant disease?

Fungus Trichoderma is a biological control agent being developed for use in the treatment of plant diseases.

#8. Which of the following is correctly matched for the product produced by them?

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is commonly called Brewer’s yeast. It causes fermentation of carbohydrates producing ethanol.

#9. The term ‘Health’ is defined in many ways. The most accurate definition of the term health would be

NCERT Class 12 Page No.146

#10. The organisms which cause diseases in plants and animals are called

NCERT Class 12 Page No.146 (8.1 2nd & 3rd line)

#11. The chemical test that is used for diagnosis of typhoid is

NCERT Class 12 Page No.147 1st Line

#12. Diseases are broadly grouped into infectious and non-infectious diseases. In the list given, identify the infectious diseases. ( i. Cancer ii. Polio iii. Allergy iv. Small pox )

#13. The sporozoites that cause infection, when a female Anopheles mosquito bites a person are stored in

NCERT Class 12 Page No.147 (5th Paragraph 7th line from below)

#14. The disease chikungunya is transmitted by

NCERT Class 12 Page No.150 1st Paragraph last line

#15. Many diseases can be diagnosed by observing the symptoms in the patient. Which group of symptoms are indicative of pneumonia?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.147 2nd Paragraph 

#16. The genes causing cancer are

NCERT Class 12 Page No.157 3rd Paragraph

#17. In malignant tumours, the cells proliferate, grow rapidly and move to other parts of the body to form new tumours. This stage of disease is called

NCERT Class 12 Page No.157 2nd Paragraph last line

#18. AIDS is caused by HIV. Among the following, which one is not a mode of transmission of HIV?

#19. ‘Smack’ is a drug obtained from the

NCERT Class 12 Page No.158 & 159 last line and first line respectively

#20. The substance produced by a cell in viral infection that can protect other cells from further infection is

NCERT Class 12 Page No.151 4th line from top

#21. Transplantation of tissues/organs to save certain patients often fails due to the rejection of such tissues/organs by the patient. Which type of immune response is responsible for such rejections?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.151 & 152 last paragraph and first paragraph respectively

#22. Antibodies present in colostrum which protect the new born from certain diseases is of

NCERT Class 12 Page No.152 (2nd Paragraph 4th line from below)

Different types of antibodies are produced in our body. IgA, IgM, IgE, IgG are some of them.

#23. Tobacco consumption is known to stimulate the secretion of adrenaline and nor-adrenaline. The component causing this could be

NCERT Class 12 Page No.160 1st Paragraph 4th line 

Nicotine stimulates adrenal gland to release adrenaline and nor-adrenaline into blood circulation, both of which raise blood pressure and increase heart rate.


#24. The anti-venom against snake poison contains

NCERT Class 12 Page No.152 3rd Paragraph 3rd line from below 

e.g of Passive immunisation.

#25. Which of the following is not a lymphoid tissue?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.153 & 154 Last Paragraph and 1st Paragraph Respectively

#26. Which of the following glands is large sized at birth but reduces in size with ageing?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.154 2nd Paragraph 4th line

#27. haemozoin is a

NCERT Class 12 Page No.147 5th Paragraph 6th line

#28. Inbreeding is carried out in animal husbandry because it

NCERT Class 12 Page No.167 Last Paragraph 3rd Line

#29. Sonalika and Kalyan Sona are the varieties of

NCERT Class 12 Page No.173 1st Paragraph 7th line

#30. Which one of the following is not a fungal disease?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.173 (9.2.2 Para Last Line)

Bacteria – black rot of crucifers

#31. In virus infected plants the meristematic tissues in both apical and axillary buds are free of virus because

NCERT Class 12 Page No.177 (9.4 2nd Para 3rd line)

#32. Which one of the following combination would a sugarcane farmer look for in the sugarcane crop?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.173 2nd Paragraph 2nd line

#33. Fungicides and antibiotics are chemicals that

#34. The scientific process by which crop plants are enriched with certain desirable nutrients is called

NCERT Class 12 Page No.176 1st Line

#35. The term ‘totipotency’ refers to the capacity of a

NCERT Class 12 Page No.177 (9.4 7th line)

#36. An explant is

NCERT Class 12 Page No.177 (9.4 5th line)

#37. Lysine and tryptophan are

NCERT Class 12 Page No.176 2nd Paragraph 2nd line

#38. Protoplast is

NCERT Class 12 Page No.177 3rd Paragraph 2nd line

#39. Which one of the following is a marine fish?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.169 (9.1.4 5th line)

#40. More than 70 per cent of livestock population is in

NCERT Class 12 Page No.165 (9.1 2nd Paragraph)

#41. The vitamin whose content increases following the conversion of milk into curd by lactic acid bacteria is

NCERT Class 12 Page No.181 (10.1 3rd line from below)

#42. Methanogenic bacteria are not found in

Methanogenic bacteria are anaerobic bacteria.

The microbes found in activated sludge are aerobic bacteria that grow rapidly and form flocs.

#43. The primary treatment of waste water involves the removal of

#44. BOD of waste water is estimated by measuring the amount of

NCERT Class 12 Page No.184 2nd Paragraph 8th line from above

#45. Which one of the following alcoholic drinks is produced without distillation?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.182 (10.2.1 4th line from below)

#46. The technology of biogas production from cow dung was developed in India largely due to the efforts of

NCERT Class 12 Page No.186 1st Paragraph 5th line from below

#47. The free-living fungus Trichoderma can be used for

NCERT Class 12 Page No.187 3rd Paragraph

#48. Mycorrhiza does not help the host plant in

NCERT Class 12 Page No.188 (2nd Paragraph 1st line)

#49. Which one of the following is not a nitrogen fixing organism?

#50. Big holes in Swiss cheese are made by a

NCERT Class 12 Page No.181 (10.1 2nd Paragraph 4th line from below)




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