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#1. Many ribosomes may associate with a single mRNA to form multiple copies of a polypeptide simultaneously. Such strings of ribosomes are termed as

The phenomenon of association of many ribosomes with single m-RNA leads to formation of polyribosomes or polysomes or ergasomes.

#2. Which among the following is not a prokaryote?

Saccharomyces i.e. yeast is an eukaryote (unicellular fungi) Mycobacterium – a bacterium Oscillatoria and Nostoc are cyanobacteria.

#3. The Golgi complex participates in

Golgi complex, after processing releases secretory vesicles from their trans-face.

#4. Which of the following is true for nucleolus?

Nucleolus is a non membranous structure and is a site of r-RNA synthesis.

#5. Which of the following cell organelles is responsible for extracting energy from carbohydrates to form ATP?

Mitochondria are the site of aerobic oxidation of carbohydrates to generate ATP.

#6. Which of the following components provides sticky character to the bacterial cell?

Sticky character of the bacterial wall is due to glycocalyx or slime layer. This layer is rich in glycoproteins.

#7. Select the mismatch

Large central vacuole is present in plant cells.

#8. A cell organelle containing hydrolytic enzymes is

The isolated lysosomal vesicles have been found to be very rich in almost all types of hydrolytic enzymes.

#9. Water soluble pigments found in plant cell vacuoles are

Anthocyanin are water soluble vacuolar pigments that may appear red, purple or blue depending on pH.

#10. Microtubules are the constituents of

Microtubules are structures present in cilia, flagella, centrioles and spindle fibres.

#11. Which one of the following cell organelles is enclosed by a single membrane?

Nuclei, mitochondria and chloroplasts are double membrane bound organelles. Lysosomes are single membrane bound organelle.

#12. Which of the following structures is not found in a prokaryotic cell?

True nucleus is absent in prokaryotic cell.

#13. Which of the following are not membrane-bound?

Ribosomes are made up of r-RNA and proteins.

#14. Cellular organelles with membranes are

Lysosomes, Golgi apparatus and mitochondria are membrane bound organelles.

#15. Cell wall is absent in

Mycoplasma is wall-less smallest living organism.

#16. A protoplast is a cell

Plant cell – Cell wall = Protoplast

#17. Chromatophores take part in :

Chromatophores are photosynthetic apparatus in prokaryotes.

#18. The structures that help some bacteria to attach to rocks and /or host tissues are :

Fimbriae – Hollow tubular surface appendages, present in bacterial cell, which help in attachment to rocks and/or host tissues.

#19. Balbiani rings are sites of

Balbiani rings are the large chromosome puff of polytene chromosomes. These are the sites of RNA and protein synthesis.

#20. In photosynthesis, the light-independent reactions take place at

Light-independent reactions or Dark reactions occur in stroma/ stromal matrix. During these reactions carbon dioxide is reduced to carbohydrates.

#21. Nuclear envelope is a derivative of

#22. True nucleus is absent in

#23. The structures that are formed by stacking of organized flattened membranous sacs in the chloroplasts are

#24. DNA is not present in

#25. Select the correct matching in the following pairs

#26. Which one of the following is not an inclusion body found in prokaryotes?

#27. The chromosomes in which centromere is situated close to one end are

#28. A somatic cell that has just completed the S phase of its cell cycle, as compared to gamete of the same species, has

#29. Which structures perform the function of mitochondria in bacteria?

Mesosomes (Chondroid) contains respiratory enzyme.

#30. The solid linear cytoskeletal elements having a diameter of 6 nm and made up of a single type of monomer are known as

Microfilaments – Solid filaments made up of actin proteins.

#31. The osmotic expansion of a cell kept in water is chiefly regulated by

Vacuoles – Large membrane bound space which cheifly contains water.

#32. The Golgi complex plays a major role

Lysosomes – In digesting proteins and carbohydrates. Chloroplasts – In trapping the light and transforming it into chemical energy.

#33. A major site for synthesis of lipids is

#34. Nuclear membrane is absent in

#35. Which one of the following does not differ in E.coli and Chlamydomonas?

E.coli (Prokaryotic)

  • Cell wal – Peptidoglycan


  • 70S

Chromosomal organization

  • DNA without histones

Chlamydomonas (Eukaryotic)

  • Cell wal – Cellulosic


  • 80S

Chromosomal organization

  • DNA with histones

#36. Select the correct statement from the following regarding cell membrane




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