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#1. The contraceptive ‘SAHELI’

Saheli is the first non-steroidal, once a week pill. It contains centchroman and its functioning is based upon selective Estrogen Receptor modulation.

#2. In a growing population of a country,

Whenever the pre-reproductive individuals or the younger population size is larger than the reproductive group, the population will be an increasing population.

#3. The function of copper ions in copper releasing IUD's is

Cu2 interfere in the sperm movement, hence suppress the sperm motility and fertilising capacity of sperms.

#4. In case of a couple where the male is having a very low sperm count, which technique will be suitable for fertilisation?

Infertility cases due to inability of the male partner to inseminate the female or due to very low sperm count in the ejaculates, could be corrected by artificial insemination (AI).

#5. Which of the following is hormone releasing IUD?

LNG-20 (Levonorgestrel) is a hormone releasing IUDs.

#6. Which of the following is incorrect regarding vasectomy?

In vasectomy, sperms occur in epididymis. In this, vas deferens are cut so sperms are not present in semen.

#7. Embryo with more than 16 blastomeres formed due to in-vitro fertilization is transferred into

In intrauterine transfer (IUT), embryo more than 8 blastomeres formed due to in-vitro fertilization is transferred in uterus.

#8. In context of amniocentesis, which of the following statement is incorrect?

Cleft palate is caused by both genetic and environmental factors and can not always be detected using amniocentesis.

Cleft palate is a developmental abnormality and can be detected by sonography. Amniocentesis is a foetal sex determination test and is banned in India for sex determination to legally check increasing female foeticides.

#9. A childless couple can be assisted to have a child through a technique called GIFT. The full form of this technique is

GIFT – Gamete intra fallopian transfer

#10. Which of the following is not a sexually transmitted infection?

#11. Tubectomy is a method of sterilization in which

Surgical removal of ovaries is ovairectomy.

#12. Which of the following is a hormone releasing Intra Uterine Device (IUD)?

Multiload 375 is copper releasing IUD.

#13. Assisted reproductive technology, IVF involves transfer of

IVF is in-vitro fertilisation.

#14. Which of the following cannot be detected in a developing foetus by amniocentesis?

Amniocentesis is based on the chromosomal pattern of the embryo’s cells in the amniotic fluid. Jaundice is not genetic disorder, but a digestive one.

#15. Artificial insemination means

AI → Inseminating the female, i.e., artificially introducing sperms into female vagina.

#16. The Test-tube Baby Programme employs which one of the following techniques?

Test-tube baby programme involves IVF (in-vitro fertilization) and transfer of embryo at 3-4 days state into fallopian tube (upto 8-blastomeres). ZIFT – zygote intra fallopian tube transfer.

#17. Which of the following is the most widely accepted method of contraception in India, as at present?

IUDs → Most widely accepted in India.

#18. Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) is considered safe up to how many weeks of pregnancy?

Medical termination of pregnancy is safe if it performed upto 12 weeks. However, under MTP act, termination of pregnancy can be done upto 20 weeks, if the pregnancy is likely to produce a congenitally malformed child.

#19. The technique called gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) is recommended for those females

GIFT is transfer of an ovum collected from a donor into the fallopian tube of another female who cannot produce ova but her body can support further development of zygote.

#20. The permissible use of the technique amniocentesis is for

  1. Amniocentesis is foetal sex and genetic disorder determinant test based on chromosomal pattern. Detecting sex of foetus by amniocentesis is banned.

#21. Cu ions released from copper-releasing Intra Uterine Devices (IUDs)

Cu-T has a local antifertility effect by bringing about release of toxic cytokines, which increase phagocytosis of sperms.

#22. One of the legal methods of birth control is

Others are natural methods, do not involve any law Legal method is MTP.

#23. Which one of the following is not a method of contraception?

Pills of combination of progestin and estrogen are oral contraceptives.

#24. Which one of the following statement is correct regarding Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)?

STI are transmitted mainly by sexual contact.

#25. The stage transferred into the uterus after induced fertilization of ova in the laboratory is

Zygote or early embryo upto 8 blastomere stage is transferred into fallopian tube and more than that in uterus. Morula is 8-16 cell stage.

#26. The age of pyramid with broad base indicates

Broad base of age pyramid indicates increase percentage of young individuals. Such pyramids are seen in developing countries where large number of young people are found.

#27. The present population of the world is about

World → 6 billion India → 1.27 billion

#28. The most important component of the oral contraceptive pills is

Low levels of progesterone causes menstruation. To maintain endometrium. Hence, maintain the cycle in secretory phase, oral pills have progesterone.

#29. Tablets to prevent female conception contain

Progesterone inhibits LH, preventing ovulation.

#30. Which is showing accurate pairing?

AIDS – Human Immuno Deficiency Virus. Gonorrhoea – Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Typhoid – Salmonella typhi




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