Plant Growth and Development Biology Quiz for NEET

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Details of Plant Growth and Development Biology Quiz for NEET
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#1. Which of the following structures show unlimited growth in plants?

Roots, stems show continuous, indeterminate growth due to presence of apical meristem.

Leaves, fruits, flowers show closed, determinate growth due to intercalary meristem.

#2. Growth of an organ is defined as

#3. Which type of cells have the capacity of self perpetuation?

These cells are in state of continuous division i.e, they are capable of self perpetuation, have power to continue indefinitely through division.

#4. Fruit and leaf drop at early stages can be prevented by the application of

Auxins prevent premature leaf and fruit fall.
NAA prevents fruit drop in tomato; 2,4-D prevents fruit drop in Citrus.

#5. Phytochrome is a

Photochrome is a blue-green pigment which absorb red and far red light. It is a coloured protein i.e. chromoprotein.

#6. The avena curvature is used for bioassay of

Bioassay – It is a quantitative and qualitative test used to determine the nature and function of a biochemical by using living material

#7. Auxin can be bioassayed by

#8. Typical growth curve in plants is

#9. What causes a green plant exposed to the light on only one side, to bend toward the source of light as it grows?

Auxin accumulated towards dark side and increase cell elongation, then bending occurs.

#10. Which one of the following growth regulators is known as stress hormone?

#11. During seed germination its stored food is mobilized by

Gibberellin as it helps in regulating growth and flowering in plants. It also helps in elongation of cells in plants, which causes elongation of shoot. It is considered as a growth hormone in plants.

#12. Through their effect on plant growth regulators, what do the temperature and light control in the plants?

In the presence of light, florigen migrates from shoot to buds for inducing flowers.

#13. Which one of the following generally acts as an antagonist to gibberellins?

#14. Root development is promoted by

Auxins promote root initiation. Auxin induces both, growth of pre-existing roots and adventitious root formation i.e., branching of the roots.

#15. Growth in plant organs is

#16. Deposition of new materials inside the cell wall of cells starts in

#17. Which phase of a sigmoid curve explains the initial phase of growth when growth rate is very slow?

#18. What happens to the growth of roots during water logging conditions?

Oxygen deficiency occurs due to water logging, thus growth is inhibited.

#19. Which of the following is not a function of water in plants?

It is not producing energy. It helps in maintaining turgidity, cell elongation and in enzymatic activities.

#20. Which abiotic factor is not essential for early growth of the plant but growth is sustained only in its presence?

Abiotic means non-living. Light is not required for early growth but growth will continue only in its presence.

Water, nutrients, oxygen are required for early growth.

#21. Examples of lateral meristems are

#22. Cork, secondary cortex and secondary xylem are formed through

Cork, secondary cortex and secondary xylem all are secondary structure formed from dedifferentiated cell by redifferentiation and are responsible for secondary growth.

#23. The ability of a plant to follow different pathways and produce different structures in response to environment is known as

#24. Plant growth regulators (PGRs) are

#25. Which type of phytohormone is made up of indole compounds?

#26. Two synthetic auxins are

#27. Which phytohormone promotes falling of old leaves whereas inhibits falling of young leaves?

#28. Which of the following is not a function of gibberellic acid?

Ethylene do ripening




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