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Reproduction NEET Mock Test

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Chapterwise Biology Quizzes

Reproduction Mock Test NEET

#1. Pollen grains can be stored for several years in liquid nitrogen having a temperature of

Pollen grains can be stored for several years in liquid nitrogen at –196°C (Cryopreservation)

#2. Which of the following has proved helpful in preserving pollen as fossils?

Sporopollenin cannot be degraded by enzyme; strong acids and alkali, therefore it is helpful in preserving pollen as fossil.

#3. Functional megaspore in an angiosperm develops into

#4. Hormones secreted by the placenta to maintain pregnancy are

Placenta releases human chorionic gonadotropic hormone (hCG) which stimulates the Corpus luteum during pregnancy to release estrogen and progesterone and also rescues corpus luteum from regression. Human placental lactogen (hPL) is involved in growth of body of mother and breast. Progesterone maintains pregnancy, keeps the uterus silent by increasing uterine threshold to contractile stimuli.

#5. A temporary endocrine gland in the human body is

#6. Several hormones like hCG, hPL, estrogen, progesterone are produced by

Hormones secreted by placenta are hCG, hPL, estrogen and progesterone.

#7. The contraceptive ‘SAHELI’

Saheli is the first non-steroidal, once a week pill. It contains centchroman and its functioning is based upon selective Estrogen Receptor modulation.

#8. The function of copper ions in copper releasing IUD's is

Cu2 interfere in the sperm movement, hence suppress the sperm motility and fertilising capacity of sperms.

#9. Which of the following is hormone releasing IUD?

LNG-20 (Levonorgestrel) is a hormone releasing IUDs.

#10. Most common asexual structure produced in algae is

Zoosperes possess flagella.

#11. The term ‘clone’ cannot be applied to an offspring formed by sexual reproduction because

NCERT Class 12 Page No.5 ( 1.1 Para Last Line )

#12. Amoeba and Yeast reproduce asexually by fission and budding respectively, because they are

#13. A multicellular, filamenteous alga exhibits a type of sexual life cycle in which the meiotic division occurs after the formation of zygote. The adult filament of this alga has

NCERT Class 12 Page No.7

#14. The male gametes of rice plant have 12 chromosomes in their nucleus. The chromosome number in the female gamete, zygote and the cells of the seedling will be, respectively

Chromosome number in male gamete of rice plant is n=12 therefore chromosome number in female gamete would also be 12.

Zygote is diploid as it is the product of fertilization and the cells of the seeding would be meiocytes and other diploid cells. Hence, the chromosome number in both zygote and cells of seeding will be 2n=24.

#15. Appearance of vegetative propagules from the nodes of plants such as sugarcane and ginger is mainly because

#16. Offspring formed by sexual reproduction exhibit more variation than those formed by asexual reproduction because

During sexual reproduction, fertilization creates a single-celled zygote which includes genetic material from both gametes. Therefore, the complex mixture of genetic material causes a great variation in the offspring. 

#17. Choose the correct statement from amongst the following:

NCERT Class 12 Page No.11

#18. There is no natural death in single celled organisms like Amoeba and bacteria because

NCERT Class 12 Page No.3 8th Line from Below

#19. There are various types of reproduction. The type of reproduction adopted by an organism depends on

#20. Which of the following is a post-fertilization event in flowering plants?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.15 & 16 

#21. Embryo sac is to ovule as ________ is to an anther.

#22. In a typical, complete, bisexual and hypogynous flower, the arrangement of floral whorls on the thalamus from the outermost to the innermost is

#23. A dicotyledonous plant bears flowers but never produces fruits and seeds. The most probable cause for the above situation is

Fruits can develop from a single ovary of a single flower(simple fruit) or from several free carpels of a single flower (aggregate) or form whole inflorescence(multiple). In total, fruits develop from ovaries. This is why, a dioecious plant (unisexual) bearing only staminate (male) flowers will not produce fruits, whereas monoecious plants (bisexual) or dioecious plants bearing only pistillate (female) lowers or pistillate and staminate both can bear fruits.

#24. The outermost and innermost wall layers of microsporangium in an anther are respectively

NCERT Class 12 Page No.22 (Figure 2.3 b)

#25. During microsporogenesis, meiosis occurs in

NCERT Class 12 Page No.22 (1st Para 3 to 5 Line from Above)

#26. From among the sets of terms given below, identify those that are associated with the gynoecium.

#27. Starting from the innermost part, the correct sequence of parts in an ovule are

NCERT Class 12 Page No.25 (Figure 2.7 d)

#28. Autogamy can occur in a chasmogamous flower if

NCERT Class 12 Page No.28 

#29. The phenomenon wherein, the ovary develops into a fruit without fertilization is called

NCERT Class 12 Page No.37 (1st Para Below Fig 2.15)

#30. In an embryo sac, the cells that degenerate after fertilization are

NCERT Class 12 Page No.27 & Figure 2.8 (Please Read carefully this topic and Diagram)

#31. Choose the incorrect statement from the following:

Internal fertilization is a type of fertilization in which there is union of an egg and sperm inside the body of a parent. Examples include reptiles, mammals, birds. Colostrum is the first form of milk that is produced by the mammary glands of mammals. It contains large numbers of IgA antibodies and lymphocytes that help protect the mucous membranes of the infant. Polyspermy is a condition in which egg has been fertilized by more than one sperm. It is prevented by depolarization of the egg plasma membrane after the entry of first sperm. This depolarization prevents the entry of additional sperms. The fertilized ovum enters the uterine cavity 3-4 days later. Implantation occurs almost 7 to 10 days after fertilization and 5 to 6 days after it has entered the uterine cavity.
Thus, the correct answer is ‘Polyspermy is prevented by the chemical changes on the egg surface..

#32. Identify the correct statement from the following:

NCERT Class 12 Page No. 50 ( Figure 3.9 )

#33. Spot the odd one out from the following structures with reference to the male reproductive system.

#34. Spermiation is the process of the release of sperms from

NCERT Class 12 Page No.47 (3.3 1st Para 3rd Line from Below)

#35. Mature Graafian follicle is generally present in the ovary of a healthy human female around

Nice Questions extracted from NCERT Class 12 Page No.49 & 50 (Figure 3.9).

Those who did correct Your Reading skill of NCERT Book is Nice. Keep it up

#36. Acrosomal reaction of the sperm occurs due to

#37. Which one of the following is not a male accessory gland?

NCERT Class 12 Page No. 45 & 46

Infundibulum leads to a wider part of Oviduct called Ampulla.

#38. Which among the following has 23 chromosomes?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.49 (Figure 3.8)

Please understand this Figure You can make atleast 4-6 Questions from this Figure Only

#39. Which of the following hormones is not secreted by human placenta?

NCERT Class 12 Page No.53 (2nd Para 5th line to END)

#40. The vas deferens receives duct from the seminal vesicle and opens into urethra as

NCERT Class 12 Page No.43 (2nd Para  6th Line)

#41. Morula is a developmental stage

NCERT Class 12 Page No.53 First Paragraph

#42. The membranous cover of the ovum at ovulation is

NCERT Class 12 Page No.51 (Figure 3.10)

#43. The method of directly injecting a sperm into ovum is assisted by a reproductive technology called

NCERT Class 12 Page No.64 (3rd Para 5th Line)

#44. Intensely lactating mothers do not generally conceive due to the

Presence of prolactin hormone in the blood of lactating mothers suppresses the release of gonadotropins (FSH and LH) from the pituitary gland. Gonadotropins are required for ovulation to occur. Thus, in the absence of gonadotropins, ovum is not released and hence chances of fertilisation are nil upto 6 months

#45. A national level approach to build up a reproductively healthy society was taken up in our country during

NCERT Class 12 Page No.57 (family planning were initiated in 1951)

#46. Emergency contraceptives are effective if used within

NCERT Class 12 Page No.61 (3rd Para 4th Line)

#47. Choose the right one among the statements given below:

NCERT Class 12 Page No.60 (Last Para 3rd Line from Below)

#48. From the sexually transmitted diseases mentioned below, identify the one which does not specifically affect the sex organs.

NCERT Class 12 Page No.155 & 156 

#49. The correct surgical procedure as a contraceptive method is

#50. LNG-20 is a

NCERT Class 12 Page No.60 (Last Para 3rd line from below)




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