Environmental Issues Biology Quiz for NEET

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Biology Quiz for NEET
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#1. Which of the following statements about ozone is correct?

Ozone, in our atmosphere is found in two layers


1. Stratosphere – good ozone, protects us from UV radiations


2. Troposphere – bad ozone, considered as a pollutant.

#2. Which of the following is an innovative remedy for plastic waste?

Polyblend is fine powder of recycled plastic waste that after mixing with bitumen, used to lay roads.

#3. If an agricultural field is liberally irrigated for a prolonged period of time, it is likely to face a problem of

#4. Which of the following pairs of gases is mainly responsible for green house effect?

#5. Which of the following protocols did aim for reducing emission of chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere?

To control the deleterious effect of the stratospheric ozone depletion an international treaty was signed at Montreal, Canada in 1987.

#6. Polyblend, a fine powder of recycled modified plastic, has proved to be a good material for

#7. Which of these following methods is the most suitable for disposal of nuclear waste?

Storage of nuclear waste should be done in suitably shielded containers and buried within rocks deep below the earth’s surface (500 m deep)

#8. In stratosphere, which of the following elements acts as a catalyst in degradation of ozone and release of molecular oxygen?

UV rays act on CFCs, releasing Cl atoms, chlorine reacts with ozone in sequential method converting into oxygen

Carbon, oxygen and Fe are not related to ozone layer depletion

#9. Which of the following is a secondary pollutant?

O3 (ozone) is a secondary pollutant. These are formed by the reaction of primary pollutant.

CO – Quantitative pollutant

CO2 – Primary pollutant

SO2 – Primary pollutant

#10. World Ozone Day is celebrated on

#11. A lake which is rich in organic waste may result in

Micro-organisms involved in biodegradation of organic matter consume oxygen as a result there is a sharp decline in oxygen causing mortality of fish and other aquatic creatures.

#12. The highest DDT concentration in aquatic food chain shall occur in

Maximum DDT concentration occurs in fish eating birds like Seagull due to biomagnification. This happens because a toxic substance accumulated by an organism cannot be metabolised or excreted, thus passed to higher trophic level.

#13. A river with an inflow of domestic sewage rich in organic waste may result in

A river with an inflow of domestic sewage rich in organic waste will reduce the dissolved oxygen (DO) and may result in death of fish due to lack of oxygen.

#14. Joint Forest Management Concept was introduced in India during

Joint Forest Management Concept was introduced in India during 1980s by the Government of India to work closely with the local communities for protecting and managing forests.

#15. Eutrophication of water bodies leading to killing of fishes is mainly due to non-availability of

BOD level increases due to rapid growth of microbes.

#16. Acid rain is caused by increase in the atmospheric concentration of :

#17. Increase in concentration of the toxicant at successive trophic levels is known as:

#18. The UN conference of Parties on climate change in the year 2012 was held at

#19. High value of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) indicates that

indirect measure of the organic matter present in the water.

#20. Rachel Carson's famous book "Silent Spring" is related to

#21. A scrubber in the exhaust of a chemical industrial plant removes

#22. A location with luxuriant growth of lichens on the trees indicates that the

#23. The zone of atomosphere in which the ozone layer is present is called

#24. Eutrophication is often seen in:

#25. dB is a standard abbreviation used for the quantitative expression of

Unwanted sound is called noise and it is measured in terms of decibels (dB). Generally sound above 80 dB is noise.

#26. Which of the following device can control air pollution?

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