Algae NEET Mock Test

Algae Mock Test NEET

Questions in this NEET Mock Test are taken from NCERT Book Class 11th Chapter 3

Note : All these Questions of Algae NEET Mock Test are directly taken from our favorite NCERT Textbook and Previous year Questions Papers.

No. of Questions in Mock Test 20 with Explanation
Time for each Questions 60 Seconds
Attempts Allowed Unlimited
Available Always
Pass Percentage 70 %

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Unit wise Biology Mock Test

Algae NEET Mock Test

#1. Which of the following is an example of Colonial algae ?

#2. Most common asexual spores in algae

#3. Algae are at which trophic level in food chain

#4. Which of the following algal species are used as food

#5. Carageen is produced by

#6. Which of the following act as hydrocolloids

#7. Agar is obtained from

#8. Pyrenoids are present in

#9. Pyrenoids store

#10. The outer and inner layer of cell wall of chlorophyceae is made up of

#11. Which of the following is a green algae

#12. Example of filamentous form of brown algae

#13. The plant body of brown algae is attached to substrate by

#14. Phaeophyceae possess which pigment

#15. Which pigment is predominant in red algae

#16. Food is stored in red algae as

#17. Red algae reproduce asexually by

#18. In green algae how many flagella are present

#19. Sexual reproduction is of which type in red algae

#20. Vegetative reproduction in algae is by




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